Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED


  • To reduce attack entry-points this software will detect and patch any vulnerabilities
  • To saves time OS and software deployment tasks are automated
  • Centralized security management with a web or cloud console is streamlined
  • To stop data leakage on a lost device this software encrypts data
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Your business relies on sensitive data that must be kept secure and private. This is why this software secures every endpoint and more. Adaptive Security can detect advanced threats. The server hardening will increase the protection offered using additional applications and web and device controls. This will stop stealing of financial and corporate information. 

This advanced tier of protection provides all the functions included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select. Plus, you will get access to other technology that does even more to protect your business. 

Protection for up to 150 desktops and servers can be entered

This software has advanced controls

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Advanced will seek out and find any vulnerabilities. Then it will apply the latest patch to stop any entry points from causing a problem. It will also let you control which applications can be executed on your servers. All of this is rounded off with enterprise-grade web and device controls and a single, simple security management console.

The security that adapts for everyone

Endpoint Advanced has both detection and response capabilities. It can detect unusual behaviour and will automatically find and fix ransomware. Troublesome fileless threats which copy common behaviour like PowerShell script execution are also looked for.

Extra protection for data and servers

The Windows Server and Linux security package has been specially developed for application and terminal servers. It uses encryption functions that guard customer and corporate information so you can meet all of your compliance goals including GDPR. You also gain OS-embedded firewall and encryption management.

Simple systems management

Save time whenever you need to roll out a new system or update existing systems; this package makes certain software tasks automatic such as creating, storing, and cloning of system images.

Kaspersky has a transparency that is unmatched

Kaspersky is a leader in transparency, data sovereignty, and neutrality. Core data is processed in geopolitically neutral Switzerland. This is where their trusted partners review their source code.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED is the best choice
Endpoint security adapts to new threats
It evolved to combat new threats – Kaspersky is a leader when it comes to innovation. They have identified more modern and advanced threats than any competitors. The security will also adapt whether you are on-site or the IT is outsourced.
Take control of your costs and TCO
Control your TCO and costs – As multiple security technologies are bundled in the package you only need one EEP product. You don’t need to use a dedicated and experienced team and it also includes Adaptive Anomaly Control.
Combine performance & trusted protection
Combine protection and performance – This software uses a cloud mode for endpoint components and global threat intelligence. These features enable powerful protection with a minimal impact on your PC’s resources. This means that your security won’t slow your computer down.
Tests & reviews help us deliver better security
Kaspersky products have been extensively tested and reviewed – Over the years the products have been used in independent tests and customer surveys. The products achieved more first place results than any competitors. Now we deliver this enhanced security directly to you.
Just turn it on - flexible centralized management for admin teams and MSPs
Flexible and easy to use – This software has easy to use centralized management for admin teams and MSPs. It makes it quick to divide the responsibilities between your teams. The management console can be set up so that each admin only accesses the data and tools that they specifically need and nothing more.
Save time on administration

Time-Saving – The enterprise- grade Saas console allows your team to stay on-task. Maintenance tasks will no longer distract your team, so they can move on to more important tasks. 

Digital Delivery

Our products are digital delivery only. This means that no disc or installation media will be sent to you in the post.

Digital Delivery

This product is a digital delivery only, no disc or installation media will be sent in the post.

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