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Windows 10 Home Retail Version Plus


An additional 2 years extra warranty is included with this version of Windows 10 Home Plus.


  • Product information 32 & 64 bit retail versions available
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft (Windows home not compatible with Chromebook NOR Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise)
  • Status: New license for 1 PC – If you want to multi-buy licenses contact us on the live chat
  • Delivery: Download is available immediately after purchase – You will receive a license and key.
  • Lifetime: One payment gives you a lifetime license
  • Language: All languages are available
  • Setup: Live assistance during setup
  • Guarantee: Every purchase is covered by our 100% product satisfaction guarantee. If the MS Office Store team can’t activate your purchase you will get your money back
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Our team is always available online via live chat. If you have any questions, we can answer them in seconds. Give it a try.

Product information for the Windows 10 Home Plus Retail Version (including the additional two-year warranty)

The new Windows 10 Home Plus operating system supports both beginners and experienced users in a “home environment”. Just like its predecessors, Windows 10 Plus offers a best-in-class operating system and a delightful user-friendly interface. Additionally, Windows 10 can adapt to any device and property according to the platform it is used on. The system requirements for this version are identical to Windows 7 and 8.1. This means older computers can run the new Windows 10 Plus without encountering any issues. If you’re looking for an instant download of the Windows 10 license key with instant activation, order from MS Office Store now.

The extended two-year warranty

Our extended warranty gives you additional service and covers when you buy any products from our store.

It is an extension so that any additional software issues that you may face in the future can be sorted out quickly and easily. This includes any software issues which occur at any time.

Examples of issues that the warranty covers:

  • Errors caused by other applications on your PC
  • Issues caused by PC Service Cleaning
  • Problems with PC performance optimization
  • Issues transferring the product license to a new Motherboard (only applicable on products purchased from our store)

New features of Windows 10 Home Plus

The Windows 10 Home Plus operating system has some visual changes, and there are a variety of new functionalities:

Cortana: A useful personal assistant that you can access and use on your computer.

New Internet Browser: Microsoft Edge is the new secure internet browser, replacing Internet Explorer.

Face and fingerprint Recognition: This feature is available on devices that support it.

Continuum: For tablet mode on touch devices.

Windows Holographic: This application platform is for the HoloLens data glasses.

Programs and Games

Windows 10 Home Plus includes all the features you would expect including video and photo programs, a calendar, mail, and music. This version of Windows also comes with a new innovative technology called DirectX 12, which provides better graphics for games. Any Xbox One games in the home network also get a performance boost, which enables streaming and playing.

Updated Functions

When using Windows 10 Home Plus you will notice a new Start menu which is now a tiled area. Each tile will have an individual function. The desktop also has new and updated functions that enable you to use multiple virtual desktops for different areas.

Digital Delivery

Our products are digital delivery only. This means that no disc or installation media will be sent to you in the post.

Digital Delivery

This product is a digital delivery only, no disc or installation media will be sent in the post.

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